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Become an ART | library deco patron! Your philanthropy will help keep the maintenance of the library and transitioning of its new virtual interface going. It takes time to research, write original content, and publish creative information from around the world. Your investment will support the innovation of the virtual art library and mission.

We are more than just a website. The methodology used to develop the virtual art library is in conjunction with Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums (GLAM) and refers to cultural institutions with a mission to provide access to knowledge. GLAMs collect and maintain cultural heritage materials in the public interest and preserve and make accessible primary sources valuable for researchers. 

As an open source collaboration the Black Galleries, Libraries, Archives, & Museums (BGLAM) practice emerged that defines ART | library as an independent glam institution.

ART library memorabilia for reoccurring contributions at any level:

  • A personalized ART | library deco digital & print library card

  • Personal virtual invites to our online events & exhibitions

  • A digital copy of Interstate Musee Coloring Book

  • Monthly e-Edition published by the art library

The virtual art library and repository is managed and distributed by NOVELLA MEDIA, LLC


ART | library deco patron

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ART | library patron Membership